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Virual X has been providing remote assistance and support for more than 4 years. Our main business goal is to work and assist enterprises to achieve their best in business while keeping a lean and agile operability! Our tailor made solutions, pertinent to the business and having the client at the center of their formulation, offer an international access to valuable and affordable resources. 

Vitual X is a growing innovating company offering localized services to all business owners. Deep inside our business is our clients’ success. We accompany them in their dreams, we listen to their requests and learn from their operation way. 

We develop and refine our offer thanks to our customers’ and partners’ passion for business and research and their desire to do better. We constantly study new way to assist business, we pursue regulations so to offer fit to the scope, winning and value adding services both B-to-B that B-to-C.
We base our options on our fact and data analysis, we work to deliver up-to-date intelligence and access to expert resources to our clients.

VIRTUALON is based on global workforce as a method to properly accommodate each client’s necessities. Our Location and offices are in different countries around the world, we are available around the clock. 

This regional path when delivering an international supply is the key to the success of enterprises the way we think it. Our customers are provided in a timely manner employing all the available assets.